This is just a handful of my digital experiments. They're mostly problems I wanted to solve for myself, then made public to see if they could generate either attention or revenue.

Let me know if you find any of them useful?

Decision Devil. A tool for setting priorities.

The word “priority” means “first”. There are no “priorities”.

If you can’t prioritise, you’re spreading yourself thin and you’ll always come second.

This simple app cuts through the brain-panic that rises up when you’re told to pick from a long list, and gives you a series of simple “X or Y” choices.

Added up, they’ll give you a scientifically prioritised list to work on.

SaaS Hustlers

A collection of over 400 affiliate programs for SaaS products.

My favourite category of affiliate marketing, despite all the rugged “lifetime commissions”, it’s still by far my most profitable.


I built this as a free alternative to tools like AddEvent, thinking that at some point I could make it back on ad traffic.

Also, it’s a micro-saas built entirely on WordPress, showing you don’t need to learn a ton of coding to get a prototype in place.

If nothing else it serves my own purposes which makes it a success, for the price of a domain renewal each year..

Daily Writing Prompt

A WordPress plugin that generates a writing prompt from a list of topics

A while back I built up a process in Notion for writing blog posts, starting from a few ideas about the topics I write about, and where I learned them from.

This prompt then flows into what type of post to write (story, listicle, etc) and some templates.

The idea is to never start from a blank page.

Personal Brand Archetypes Quiz

I’ve watched too many entrepreneurial projects get held up by branding worries.

The deeper problem is that the founder wants the project to be e reflection of their own tastes, but usually can’t describe what that is.

The answer is this personality type test, based on Carl Jung’s archetypes, and then translated into the visual language of fonts, colours and tone of voice that they can feel comfortable using.

The project is built using WordPress using Gravity forms.


Paste your email list into this free tool to see what they look like.

Domains for sale

Various domains bought as speculation, projects that didn’t start, or ones that didn’t take off.

Total Memory Improvement

I picked this up from Ryan Leveque who renamed his memory project then let the domain expire.

I’ve used it as an affiliate for some memory and rapid learning products and built an interesting little names memory test that’s slowly built a few thousand names.

Here It Is

A Linktree-style single page site builder for social media profiles.

Also has an interesting link shortener, a bit like bitly, but ones you can edit later if you move your pages around.

Take a look, it’s free at the moment.


A Twitter tool for removing dormant followers.

I built this to test a theory about engagement algorithms that email marketers all recognise.

By keeping your list to it’s most engaged followers, your content appears more appealing and gets shown to more people.

Spoiler: It didn’t have the effect I wanted, and eventually the project dies when Elon Musk brought in a $42k/mo charge to use the Twitter API.

RIP Deadbird.

Big 5 Personality Test

Based on the OCEAN or Big 5 Personality Traits test, this is a proof of concept for the Inquizitive profile funnel builder.

Tell people something about themselves so they can understand their strengths & weaknesses, and they’re more likely to take action than if they’re just told what to do with no context.


An affiliate-monetised content site I set up to practice the art of advertorial writing.

A mix of original content and product offers, with some email lead-generation mixed in.

Likely a flip to a media owner or dedicate affiliate in a few years.


A tool for creating in-depth customer profiles as part of a lead generation funnel.

People hate answering sales questions, but love finding out about themselves.

If you can create a profile that gives them genuine feedback against their blockages you get well qualified leads with a tone of information about where they need help