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Website colours preview

Neat little tool that shows you how your brand colours look on a live site. Good for checking that your personal brand designs actually work as a web page.

Email guide by Adrian Savage

Adrian is an absolute master at email deliverability, so read this if you want to pump up your open rates.

The best ever “before we unsubscribe you” email

Because there’s no way they’re just not reading your emails. There has to be a more sinister answer.

Ayman Al-Abdullah on one-man brands

Youtube VSL Library

This affiliate has been collecting long form VSL’s and built a handy library for un in the process.

Sam Ocean on the one man media company

Mark Thompson on the one man media company

What is growth marketing?

Comprehensive breakdown of “what the hell is growth marketing”. Having a breakdown of the steps is the first move in building an effective flood of leads into your business and knowing what parts you should try to automate or outsource.

wtf doesthis company do?

A free AI tool to analyse your landing page and figure out what you actually do.

Willpower: Roy Baumeister

I bookmarked this because it has some useful tips about situations that can kill our willpower. These are useful so we can see them coming and course-correct back to our goals.

How to make decisions

38 pointers from 37Signals on how to make better decisions in a business

75 email prompts using the awareness matrix

1st video in a free course by wifimoneyguy from Twitter. Build out 25 email prompts by asking the same questions at each stage of awareness. Link to the rest of his course is given at the end.

The Professor of Ubernomics

Lessons learned from Uber’s huge data sets on giving apologies, discounts, and the value of taxi driver chat.

5 ways to make your offer stand out

A replay of John William’s workshop this week. One highlight is the “pain driven positioning” – focussing 100% on the feeling they have right now about their problem.

A process for processes

Colin Landforce credits this with stopping his cannabis business from descending into chaos as it scaled.

Jay Acunzo’s Book Outline

Jay Acunzo’s Book Outline looks surprisingly like a sales letter outline, which makes sense as books and sales letters have the same idea. To change someone’s mind.

A better way to manage testimonials

Ever written a sales letter for a new product and needed some positive customer comments for it? Me too, and it involved a trawl around a half dozen note-taking apps and searching in long-abandoned Facebook groups. I’m finally getting them organised inside Senja.

How to get acquired

A course on how to get acquired, by the owner of Great content in its own right but also showing how courses are increasingly being used as “lead magnets” for software.